About Us

Started in 2010 with the aim of providing a platform for civic engagement and generating awareness on social issues, Calicut mini Marathon has grown ever since into one of Kerala’s biggest sporting events. We are proud to say that Calicut mini Marathon is the first and to our best knowledge is the biggest student organized marathon in the country. The marathon has supported various social causes over the years with themes such as ‘Compassionate Kozhikode’, ‘Transforming lives’, ‘Empowering Women’, ‘War on Waste’, ‘Gift a Life’ and ‘Road Safety’. In our quest to make the society a better place to live in we have joined hands with many NGOs, corporates, educational institutes, district administration and civic authorities over the years. The uniqueness of this initiative lies in using the platform of the marathon to spread awareness about the selected theme amongst the general public. For this purpose we organize various lead up events such as Launch at the Calicut Press Club, Flash Mob at the beach and a shopping mall, Bike Rally, sand sculpture, campus run, running workshops, promotion at movie theatres etc. in the months preceding the marathon to generate awareness about the theme

Calicut mini Marathon 2016

Race Day- February 28th

Runners both national and international had gathered to participate in and witness the event. The event reached new heights with a staggering count of more than 5000 runners. The sight of the many runners flagging off at once from the start point was one to behold. The sheer enthusiasm and roar of the crowd brought a smile to the faces of one and all. The race completed with the prize distribution ceremony at Gujarati School on Beach Road. The event was graced by the presence of several dignitaries.

Bike Rally – February 23rd

50 Royal Enfield bikers powered through the streets of Kozhikode, with their pillion riders holding banners and waving flags. The bike rally, organized by the students of IIM Kozhikode in association with Royal Enfield, formed part of a series of promotional events leading up to Calicut mini Marathon 2016. On-lookers watched as the bikes made their way on a 10 km route through the city. The rally kicked-off at 5:30 PM from Mini Bypass and to complete at Corporation Office, Beach Road.

Flash Mob – February 21st

The Sunday crowd at Calicut Beach and Hi-Lite Mall were in for a surprise organized by the students of IIM Kozhikode in the run up to the seventh edition of the Calicut mini Marathon. Just as the sun was going down, a group of students from IIM K broke into a ‘Flash mob’. The spirited dancers took Calicut’s Hilite mall and beach by storm with their moves, while the crowd cheered and whooped madly

Sand Sculpture – February 20th

The sands of Kozhikode beach have come alive, this time to make you aware of the dismal state of countless people in our country who sleep empty stomach. The sand sculpture not only depicts abject poverty and hunger but also focuses on the positive aspect of sharing. It is an artist’s creative depiction of district collectors Nobel initiative “Operation Sulaimani” under the Compassionate Kozhikode initiative. The sand sculpture inaugurated by the deputy mayor of the Kozhikode district, was on display for three days.

IIMK Campus Midnight Run – February 5th

The night of 5th February 2016 witnessed a confluence of both the machine power and the muscle power, at the Royal Enfield Campus Midnight Run in association with Taj Gateway Hotels. The 3km long run was led by the monstrous Royal Enfield bikes of the Bikers Club of IIM-Kozhikode.

Mananchira Cleanup Drive – January 23rd

The steps around Mananchira have witnessed many changes. There used to be a time when people counted the steps visible above the water to assess the severity of summer. However, the new generation of Kozhikode had never seen those steps as they were covered in bushes, until a day when Niravu Residents Association, Vengeri tied up with the Calicut mini Marathon committee to organize the Mananchira Cleanup Drive. The event witnessed the presence of volunteers from Niravu & IIM-K.

Event Launch – January 15th

The event launch was held in the Calicut Press Club and witnessed the presence of popular names from the print, electronic media and the press. The event involved the launch of the social theme, the website, and the announcement of the kick start for registrations. The event was launched by Mr. V. K. C. Mammed Koya, the then Mayor of Kozhikode and was joined by Professor Deepak Dhayanithy, Faculty Advisor and Assistant Professor at IIM Kozhikode.

Calicut mini Marathon 2015

The sixth edition of Calicut mini Marathon 2015 was held on 1st March, 2015 promoting the cause of ‘Road Safety’. The Calicut mini Marathon 2015 was held in association with the District Administration of Calicut and Angel Foundation. With the aim of raising awareness amongst the masses regarding the importance of road safety rules, we conducted various promotional events like Sand Sculpture at Calicut Beach, Flash Mobs and Walkathon in Kochi which helped us to reach out to the masses in bringing out a change in the attitudes and behaviors of people – ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. A workshop in the IIMK campus was conducted to motivate 120+ traffic police constables and help them understand the larger aspect of their roles. The message of Road Safety was spread by giving out Roses/Safety-Car-Stickers to drivers following traffic rules, thereby encouraging others to follow the traffic rules. More than 50 auto drives have enlisted their support for our cause and helped us in spreading the message about Road Safety.

Calicut mini Marathon 2014

In continuation to the first four editions of Calicut mini Marathon since 2010, the fifth edition was held on 23rd February, 2014 promoting the social cause – “Give a life - Organ Donation”. While the views of organ donation have been positive, there has been a large gap between the numbers of registered donors, compared to those awaiting organ donations. Supporting this cause, Calicut mini Marathon 2014 was organized in association with District Administration of Calicut and Kerala Network for Organ Sharing (KNOS), Government body under Kerala Health Department. There were two race categories held – 10k mini-marathon with men and women separate categories, and a 3km noncompetitive run open to everyone. We helped the masses overcome the negative beliefs about organ donation through various promotional events like Sand Sculpture, Flash Mobs and Walkathon in Kochi.