Marathon is an individual sport in which people participate in groups. There is a sense of camaraderie, and people draw strength from each other. Even though this year people are going to run in their own neighborhoods, they will still be united by the spirit of the marathon depicting their mental and physical strength despite this pandemic imposed seclusion. This will galvanize the Indian spirit and foster a sense of unity.

In these times of pandemic, we as social beings are compelled to follow social distancing. We have successfully supported each other through the pandemic by being helpful, by being kind, by being compassionate, and by Being United.

It is to portray this sense of unity and as a shout out to all of us for being there for each other in these difficult times, the theme for this year is ‘Better Together: United Despite Distances’

NGO Association

We are associating with Niravu Vengeri team to do various events in Kozhikode city which will focus on the ‘Eco friendly’ aspect, and bring upon a positive change to the city we are living in.