United we stand, Divided we fall. The mitigation process conducted after the outbreak of Nipah virus, a deadly virus that frightened the entire nation and after the August 2018 floods proved to be successful essentially because we dealt with these catastrophes with the spirit of togetherness and with utmost sense of urgency that curbed the issues at their nascent stage.

Calicut Marathon takes immense pride in celebrating and commemorating this feeling of togetherness and the spirit of being there for one another via our flagship Marathon, which aims to honor the people of the State for their tireless and relentless contribution of keeping the flag of ‘God’s own Country’ flying high. This 10th edition of Calicut Marathon will also refresh our memories with the themes of previous 9 marathons to remind us of the progress we have made till now.

So come and join Calicut Marathon Committee’s initiative to celebrate the feeling of togetherness, because one and one makes eleven!

NGO Association

We are associating with Niravu Vengeri team to do various events in Kozhikode city which will focus on the ‘Eco friendly’ aspect, and bring upon a positive change to the city we are living in.