Each year, the Calicut Marathon associates itself with a social cause. Through the event and a number of prior lead-ups, it aims to create awareness about the cause. This year’s theme is Better Together - United Despite Distances. It is a shout out to all of us who have successfully supported each other through the pandemic by being helpful, being kind, being compassionate, and Being United.

Calicut Half Marathon continues to associate with Niravu Vengeri Organization.

Any willing individual can volunteer in the lead up events related to the cause or contribute to the associating NGO directly. You can contact us at calicutmarathon@iimk.ac.in for further information on this.

Updates about the lead-up events and the Marathon will be posted on the website, Facebook and Instagram page. Hence, we suggest you to like and follow our Facebook and instagram page for timely updates of the Marathon.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/calicutmarathon/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CalicutMarathon/

Individual Run
3K - INR 60/head
10K - INR 350/head
21K - INR 350/head
Team Run
10K (Team of 2) - INR 650/team
20K (Team of 4) - INR 1300/team

You can use either card payments, Netbanking or UPI payment.

Yes, you can register for one single run (10k or 21k) and a team run (10k or 20k), but you will be charged extra.

Team run is priced lower than individual run.

For bulk registrations, contact us

Deepa   +91 8075174296

Danish  +91 9645755577

Both registration and submission of race results need to be finished by midnight of 11th April.

You can always choose not to run after registering, but there is no provision for refund.

For all category registrations except 3K, t-shirts will be given. Only finishers get medals and e-certificates.

You can register for the marathon by visitng the Calicut Marathon website. You can avail discount coupons at the time of registrations. Contact the Calicut Marathon team for more details.

While registering, you will be asked to select the race category. Choose team run under the desired category (either 10 kms or 20 kms)sis.

After the payment is successfully made, you will receive an email confirmation on your registered email ID, and an SMS on your registered mobile number.

There is no cut-off time. You can finish the race at your own pace.

You can choose any loaction with GPS connectivity as per your convenience.

Yes. As long as you cover the required distance, any medium is acceptable.

You can use any running application like NRC, Garmin, Strava etc to track your run. If you do not have a smart phone or a smart watch to track your run, but wish to participate in the Calicut Half Marathon, we are willing to accept your race times on goodwill basis.

Registrations are not transferable. Only the registered person is allowed to run the distance. The Calicut Half Marathon event is spread over 3 days, and you can run on any one of the days.

You can always run more than the required distance, but the certificate will mention only the distance category that you have registered for.

No, you will have to run the stipulated distance in one go. However, we recommend you to pace your run, so that you can finish the marathon.

You need to select the venue for your run keeping in mind all these factors. However, if there are some technical issues during / after the run and you are unable to upload screenshots of your race timings, we are willing to consider your race time on goodwill basis.

You can run on any route as per your convenience but we suggest you to pick a route where you can follow with adequate safety, maintain social distancing norms, and have good GPS and network strenght to record your run.

The team can run together simultaneously or you can run one after another as per your convenience, as long as the total distance covered by everyone together is 10K/20K and each member has to cover a minimum of 5K.

We would recommend you to adhere to the social distancing norms as per the guidance of the government. If you can find a way to run under these conditions (on a treadmill, or within the house or the containment zone), then we will accept your race timings.

Given the virtual set-up, we will not be able to assist in case of an emergency or if the runner meets with an accident. We recommend the runners to run close to their homes, and select a flat terrain (and avoid running on busy streets.

Apart from the running gear and a smart phone / smart watch (to track your run), you can also carry a small water bottle to stay hydrated, and a protien bar for some instant energy. Pace yourself through the marathon, as this is a test of endurance, not a sprint.

While we strongly urge our participants to adhere to all social distancing protocols, running with a mask on is unhealthy. Hence, we recommend our runners to select a venue which is not very crowded.

Given the virtual mode of the marathon, runners can run anytime between 9th to 11th April, 2021.

You can start your run anytime between 9th to 11th April 2021. Ensure, that you finish your run and upload relevant screenshots before midnight of 11th April.

Once the participant has completed the run, the screenshot of the race result on the tracking application needs to be uploaded before 11th midnight. The link for the same will be communicated via email on the race dates.

Different team members can run different routes. The only requirement is that the team members finish the stipulated distance of 10k/20kms. This is to ensure that friends living in different cities can team up together for the event.

On account of the event being virtual, we will not be disclosing the leaderboard in this edition of the Calicut Marathon.

T-shirts and medals, whichever is applicable based on the category selected and race completion status will be delivered to the address provided. E-certificates for finishers will sent via email. All the goodies will be delivered after the race dates.

Tshirt and medal will be shipped only to finishers. In order to be eligible to receive this goodie bag, ensure that you complete the distance that you have registered for in one go, before the deadline.

All our t-shirts come in standard sizes, and we have paid special attention while conducting Quality Check of the vendor. Participants need to go through the size details carefully before selecting the size. Requests for changes in t-shirt sizes will not be entertained.

We do not have any prizes this year, as the marathon is virtual in nature, and leaderboards cannot be accurately prepared.

We are not accepting any sponsors for this edition of the Calicut Marathon. However, if you feel you can contribute in any way, please feel free to contact our team.

If you feel you can contribute in any way, please feel free to contact our team.

We would need volunteers at registration desks/BIB distribution counters, water stalls, on the route for guiding runners, finishing point for logistics handling. Last but not the least, volunteers can come to cheer as runners stretch up to that last mile. 

Based on the cause, this year Calicut mini Marathon is associating with Niravu Vengeri Organization and Rotary Organization. .